Search Bar by address bar

May have asked this before but is there any chance of adding a search. I know a lot of people say it is unnecessary but I find it very convenient.
Another item- how do I get rid of the Brave triangle on the address line?
Thank you

@jlhillhouse, are you asking how to add a search engine the list of custom search engines? If so, it’s been covered a few times here:

Short answer: Visit the website that has the desired search engine you’d like to add and perform a search. Anytime you do this, Brave will add the search just used to the list of custom search engines to use by default in the URL bar.

The Brave Rewards icon is there to stay for the moment. If enough people feel strongly that there should be an option to hide the icon I’d be happy to open an issue for it.

thank you for the reply, but I meant to ask for a Search bar/box on the right side of the address bar like many other browser have?

Ah, apologies, I misread.
There is currently no way to do this and no plans to implement one afaik. There are extensions that you can download that will add a toolbar to your browser but I don’t personally recommend them.

For sake of discussion, can I ask what your use case for the second search bar is? What would you use it for that the URL bar doesn’t cover (in terms of functionality and/or convenience)?

I was using it to change search engines from the drop down menu of the additional search box. But now I am used to shortcut for search engines.


It’s also worth noting that you can use the “Tab” button in the search bar to search any desired search engine that’s been used before/is present in your list of available search options:

i would still like a search box at the right of the address like OTHER browsers have?

also, how do you get rid of the red triangle in the address bar?

As mentioned 3 replies up from this one:

As for the Brave Rewards icon (the “triangle” you continue to mention), as stated in my first response:

i do not know the case number. why do other browser have the search and you say you can’t do it???

as far the triangle, yes i would like the option to take it off

So that’s a +1 from you for removing the icon bringing the total thus far from 0 to 1. If I see other reports requesting this be added I will move forward and create an issue in our GitHub to add an option to disable the icon.

I wasn’t looking for a “case number” - I was asking what your use case for this second search bar would be that isn’t covered by the current URL/search bar function(s). That is - What purpose does the second search bar serve for you that isn’t already a feature available with the current search? I’m simply trying to gauge why this would be needed.

Additionally, its worth noting that while some other browsers do in fact offer this feature, they’re now almost all opt-in, due to the redundancy of the second search bar (and I don’t think Chrome has this option at all). Browsers like Firefox, Opera, Kiwi - heck, even Dolphin - that used to have the second search bar enabled by default have all shifted away from it, and now have the feature disabled by default.

I mention this because it’s not a matter of what we “can or cannot” do, but rather an issue about whether we should do it/if its worth doing. If you can provide a compelling argument as to why it’s worth adding I’d be happy to discuss it with the team.

I’d also like to +1 on the option to remove the Brave Rewards icon. I will probably want to use it in the future once it is more fleshed out, but for now, an option to hide it would be great.

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The address bar serves the purpose of both as URL bar and Search bar. This is by design.

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i understand, but still would like to have it. if no chance of it being done guess i’ll have to go to those that do have it and realize its convenience