Brave says that websites are not secure WHEN using VPN

I’m trying to use Express VPN with Brave, and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. The inconsistency is part of the problem. I keep getting “Change in network detected”. I’ll get the exclamation mark in the address bar saying any site I try is insecure. And I cannot connect to any sites what so ever.

  1. Brave 1.57.47
  2. Express VPN 11.37

described above, cannot connect to any site

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I could be wrong, but I’m wanting to say this part usually is just related to the idea that the website you’re using is HTTP rather than HTTPS. Hence why it would be inconsistent, as not every site is going to be using HTTP.

You just have to change settings around if you’re not worried. You have a few spots to look. First is in Shields. You can choose Upgrade Connections to HTTPS, Only connect with HTTPS, or Don't upgrade HTTP connections. This is a site specific choice through the Shields lion icon on the address bar:

The other area that might make a difference is your security settings, but not sure if you’d want to disable them as would remove protections a bit. brave://settings/security


Guess main thing is are you noticing this happening on any particular website or it just occurs randomly? And can you try to pay attention to full URL to know if HTTP or not?

It seems to occur based on the time of day more than anything else. The combination seems to work better in the mornings than in the evenings. I’ll look into your suggestions.

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