HTTPS Not Working , Not Secure

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Type of device (iPad pro, iPhone 10, etc): IPhone X

iOS version ( Settings --> About --> Software Version ): 15.7

Detailed description of the behavior: HTTPS not working on Google Search, I was searching for medical device, nothing but red exclamation point.
My ex and his CORRUPT POLICE friends at the hacking game, not sure where Guardian is located, they DO NOT respond with any meaningful advice. It is truly sad, that they profess to protect , charge you then just drop the ball. I would never renew this ridiculous Firewall. I use Brave Firewall, you cannot escape corruption, no matter how you try on internet!


I am sorry you are dealing with cyber security threats, However, if you click or tap on the red exclamation does it show you any information? We do not collect user information so any details you can share will help us understand and resolve the issue if it is in fact, related to the Brave Firewall + VPN.

This is not an issue we are familiar with, with use of the Firewall + VPN service so we must investigate further if you can share details of whether this happens over wifi and cellular and if the red exclamation shows content when tapped, and whether it is all websites or just a couple or one?

Thank you!
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Please see this thread for additional information about the red exclamation symbol.

Not just You Tube, it is a Brave issue


The explanation is not to say it is a YouTube issue. This is just an example of what the exclamation mark is/does. It is a symbol used by Brave just as Apple uses a symbol of a lock/unlocked lock on Safari.

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New issue- videos continue to play after closing out webpage, even switching to private or if in private browsing switching to regular browser. The only thing that stops video sound is turning off phone

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16.1.1 iPhone and 14.45.1 Brave