Brave saying my site isn't secure when it is

I bought a custom domain and have it forwarded to my Etsy shop. However, when I type in my domain I get the message stating that the connection to my shop is not secure when I know that it is. I have checked the forward set up with my domain registrar and it shows that the site is set with Https.

Things work correctly when I use the desktop version of Chrome and I do have some extensions installed. Also, I have tried it with a private browsing window and I get the same error.

I am using Brave Version 1.57.53 Chromium: 116.0.5845.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)

@DesertGuy just a quick thought until someone from Brave can help look into it, but I’m assuming it’s something related to the discussion that occurred at

Thank you for this information. What is odd that I can use MS Edge with no problems and it seems to work just fine within Chrome.

Well, of course. Those aren’t browsers with a focus on privacy. Of course, it matters on your security/safety settings as well.

When Brave is stopping, it’s showing that your URL is http and not https. Sure, it’s redirecting to an https Etsy link, but Brave is seeing the HTTP intermediary. Also the idea of a quick/instant redirect to a new domain may also seem a bit off.


I tested on Chrome and initially you’re right, it would direct. But then I went to settings and noticed their settings was set to use no protection. Once I changed that, this is what happened:

The setting that mattered here was in security settings at chrome://settings/security.

Zoomed in would be:


Shorter version of above is it’s because the settings you have on Edge and Chrome are set not to warn you about sites being unsecure. Brave is enabled by default as it’s a privacy centered browser.

It seems your custom domain doesn’t have the certificate for HTTPS or something along those lines. Brave is seeing the HTTP that exists before your redirect to and it’s warning people that it’s passing through an HTTP domain.

I am guessing that I need to go back to my domain provider and ask them about it?

I just read the information on my domain register’s page and they are saying I need to figure this out with the web host. I am guessing that I would need to do this with Etsy. didn’t parse any certs.

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