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Wondering if anyone can shed light on this, I am new to Brave and have just started earning BAT. I’ve seen that you need 25 BAT to verify the uphold account. Is there a way to verify prior to earning 25BAT with Brave? I would assume that as Uphold offer a range of services that you can sign up directly with them and verify a wallet?? But i have been unable to do so, I have contacted Uphold directly as well. Any ideas where or how the BAT you have earned is stored until verification with Uphold is complete? If I have my Brave account synced on my laptop and my phone why is it that the BAT are kept separately? Do you need to earn 25BAT on either one or the other (or even both) in order to verify? Finally, I realise the BAT rewards earned during a month are estimates but my final pay out for the month was just over half of the estimated earnings!! Is this normal?

Many thanks

Currently you need 25 BATs to verify your Uphold account in stable version of Android. This minimum threshold has been reduced to 15 BATs with update v1.25x which is available in latest desktop and Beta & Nightly version of Android.
With v1.25x even if you don’t have minimum 15 BATs, you can verify your Brave wallet if you already have a verified Uphold account. This would be next update in Stable version of Android

What was the problem that you faced?

In your Browser wallet only (if you don’t have verified Uphold account) or Uphold wallet directly (for verified wallets).

Sync does not sync rewards. See this-

With update v1.25x you would only need to achieve minimum threshold in one of them. (This update isn’t yet live for stable version of Android). See Brave release schedule here-

See this-

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