Do i need at least 25 BAT on my Brave wallet browser to withdraw to my Uphold account connected?

I connected my Uphold account (verified) to my browser wallet. It show “Wallet verified” on my browser. But my BAT reward not show on Uphold account. Do i need at least 25 BAT on browser wallet to withdraw to my uphold?

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25 BATs are just a requirement to verify/connect the “Uphold account”. You’ll have to wait for the next payment date to get your BATs transferred to your uphold wallet.

There are no minimum requirements for the BATs to be transferred to your uphold wallet.


Are there once payment day a month? Day 5th

Yes, you can get paid once per month on the mentioned next payment date.


Thanks you. Where can i update new “rules” of brave? Brave team usually update their rules without official announcement .


It may have something to do with this issue here:
They have been working on fixing it for about 10 days now.
I am having the above issue with my mobile, have a verified wallet, and was having the same issue as yours on my laptop.
I added enough BAT to my laptop browser wallet in uphold to make it a little over 25 BAT and the issue went away.

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I think this 25 BAT constraint is applicable for only mobile browsers.

As the others said, how much bat you have in desktop browser that will be credited to uphold during the payout period.

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I read that post. But my issue is still not fixed. So i think there are another reason. Thanks for your share.

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I hope that. Thanks you!

my reward I mont 2 BAT why sir?

didn’t get you. what exactly is your issue?

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