I lost all 17 my BAT

I used to have 14.75 BAT (so I couldn’t verify my account) and had 2.127(5) BAT coming, but than My pc got a virus and I couldn’t access any browsers (or files) so I reinstalled windows and lost my BAT, I don’t have complete proof, but my brave community account is over a half a year old and I only have two brave transactions on this browser history:

Is it possible to get my BAT back @steeven ? I worked really hard for it

I do not believe it is possible if you reformatted it. Only BAT in a verified wallet is safe. But I do believe that 15 BAT minimum is only required for mobil and not PCs, so you should try and make an Uphold account on this new PC.

Sadly that isn’t possible rn… ;-;

@Unkn0wn4all For desktop browser you don’t need minimum 15 BATs to verify your wallet. @HighPriestess42 is right. See this-

You can separately create an account on Uphold and Verify it. Then connect that account with your desktop browser wallet (Verify Wallet > Login). This works, I have done that myself with latest version.

To prevent anything like this from happening again, I suggest you do it as soon as possible.

Note that if you have an already verified Uphold account, you do not need to meet the 15 BAT minimum.

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