Why doesn't brave keep track of how much a user has earned bat rewards

Why doesn’t brave keep track of how much a user has earned bat rewards but which have not been transferred to wallet yet . If I reset or uninstall the app it basically means I have lost the reward right? Also why does brave not have an account system under which we can tag all our device and have the total rewards be associated to this account

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You can connect an Uphold Account and all the BATs get saved in it…

You can connect 4 devices in the account and all the BATs will be collected in it.

Ya for that 15 bat is minimum right users with less can’t make use of this and also there is always issue with uphold …
about connecting devices I meant with respect to rewards why not add up all the rewards from our tagged device and associate to a single account in brave itself .

I think what you are asking for is rewards syncing. That is something that the Brave team are working on, but it is a big task (while maintaining user privacy), so it may be a while before it’s available.

That thing is being worked on…

And BTW you don’t need 15 BATs to verify anymore.
Just download the Uphold app from the play store and get yourself verified by providing all the documents and just connect that account to your Browser.

Oh ok thanks for letting me know, looks like the minimum amount is lifted phase wise or something… but I still have the restriction on wallet

Can you send a screenshot regarding the restriction??

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