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Hi everyone, I just joined your community as I’ve been using Brave for years.
Today for the first time I see that it doesn’t connect with my UpHold account.

Up until last night, I was seeing my BAT balance directly on browser tabs on Brave. Today, however, it is €0 and it tells me that I am not verified.

If I try to verify myself, a window comes out as shown in the attached screen.
I absolutely don’t understand how this is possible.


It is saying your account has been flagged. This means the system detected what it deems as unusual activity that might resemble attempted fraud or abuse of the Rewards system. What that activity might have been will not be something that is revealed.

If you sincerely weren’t doing anything wrong, then you’ll need to create a Rewards Support Ticket which will essentially serve as an appeal. Support will review your account and determine if they can reinstate it.

There may be some delays in their responses due to the holidays, so be prepared just in case it takes longer than usual to receive a reply. Once the ticket is submitted, you’ll get a confirmation email with your ticket number. Hold onto that in case you need to reference it in the future. Beyond that, all communication regarding this should occur within your email, so keep an eye out both in your inbox as well as your spam/junk folder.

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Ok thank you very much, I just opened a ticket.
I hope they fix it, because I didn’t do anything wrong.

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