Brave saving banking info - can't delete

Description of the issue:
I once got sent an electronic invoice, so I went to the intuit quickbooks site to pay it by entering my bank routing and checking number.

When I went back two weeks later to pay another invoice, the checking and routing number were now saved. I don’t want the browser to do that. I then looked in the auto-fill settings but those entries weren’t in passwords, address, payment methods. How do I find and selectively delete this info?

How can this issue be reproduced?

I can’t reproduce it because when I go to the invoice site again it says that I have already payed, and thus doesn’t give me a chance to re-enter the banking number. Until two weeks later when I get a new invoice to pay.

Expected result:
I would like to track down and delete this info selectively without clearing out any of the other autofill info.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:

@beanbag This sounds like the site is saving your data and not Brave. Have you checked your account or profile information on the site? Most will have a setting you can toggle to save (or not save) payment information. Some require the information be saved to use the application.

If you are not using any of Brave’s autofill features, then I think the payment application is saving your payment information, not Brave. I think you should check settings there.

Hope this helps. Please post an update. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

How can I tell if it’s the site saving the info or Brave?
I don’t have an “account” at that site. Intuit Quickbooks is a way to send people invoices, and “anybody” can pay them as long as they enter banking or credit card info. When I went to that site the second time, the banking info was blank, but as soon as I clicked in the space to type it, the account number showed up in a one-item drop down menu.
Now that I think about it, when I fill out forms at my own company’s website for purchase orders, the autofill info for individual items (like account numbers, product type, etc) are also there, and I don’t see a place in Brave for those either. Hmm, I guess I need to learn more about how autofill in web browsers works…

@beanbag It may be a script/cookie that is keeping you “logged in”. You can open a New Private window, enter the url, and if you don’t get the same behavior, that is a good indication it is something the site downloaded when you allowed cookies and/or disabled block scripts.

You should try clearing browsing data for all time at brave://settings/clearBrowserData. You can use the Basic tab and check all the boxes. That should clear the saved account information.

If you don’t want to clear you browsing data for some reason, you can go into Site and Shield Settings at brave://settings/content. First select Cookies and site data under content and delete the site from the allow cookies list. Go back and click on Javascript and delete the site from the allowed to use Javascript list. If you are unfamiliar with what I am saying and need more information (paths & screenshots) just let me know and I will go into more detail.

Please post an update. I think this will work but would really like it confirmed (or not)! Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

So I was presented with another intuit invoice recently

  1. invoice (located at [something] has checking number as a mini-pop-up /drop down [thing] right below the field
  2. “Open link in private window” ALSO has that info in a mini pop up / drop down
  3. clear cookies from that site, block that site from using cookies - info still there
  4. No sites listed as being able / not able to use Javascript in the Brave settings
  5. Clear all browsing data - now it’s gone

Anyway, I am still not understanding where / how this data is being saved, and how to nuke it individually. Unfortunately I can’t find out until the next invoice if it is being saved again or not.

@beanbag Well, I don’t know a lot about this but it sounds like the data is probably being stored in cache if clearing individual cookies doesn’t work but clearing everything for all time in browser data does. Linking info on how to view and delete a cache file for a site. Can try that next go around.

I think you need to download a cache file viewer tool to actually see the contents of the cached file. Maybe a community member with some actual hands-on knowledge and experience will pop in and help. I’m just repeating info I’ve found from a web search.

Sorry I can’t be of more help. Please post an update. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

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