Credit Card Autofill (Desktop)

Hello community. I have an issue with credit card autofill. I have stored my credit card info in Brave but autofill just isn’t working. I have enabled options “Save and fill payment methods” and “Allow sites to check if you have payment methods saved”, i’ve checked my card’s info and i have tried to delete and add again my credit card multiple times but still nothing.
I’m using autofill in these sites:


Brave Version: 1.45.118
Chromium: 107.0.5304.91 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows: 10 v.21H2 (build 19044.2130)

If you go to brave://settings/payments do you see it saved there?

If so, then it’s likely that Brave just isn’t detecting the fields on those sites correctly as fields for payment info. Not an expert here but it likely is dependent on naming or some other characteristics of those fields.

Does it work on any other merchant sites?

Yep, i can see it saved in settings.
I just tried out and you are right, Brave isn’t detecting the fields on those sites correctly as fields for payment info.

OK. TBH I’m not sure if there’s any good solution for that, as I think autofill is dependent on recognition of field types. Same is true for password autofill I believe.

I use Brave autofill for payments on several shopping sites, I think I’ve only ever seen 1 site where it didn’t autofill for me, so in my mind I assumed it was a website issue – that does seem to be the case then.

I’m not a web developer but maybe someone who is one could chime in here, it’s probably as simple as an attribute in the HTML tags.

On the other hand if you use a password manager like Bitwarden you could have your payment methods accessible, can still autofill, and for sites where autofill doesn’t work you can do a quick copy/paste out of the password manager. Doesn’t solve the underlying issue but makes for a quick and universal workaround.

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