Account "flagged": can't verify my wallet

Hi, I have just went through the UPHOLD process of creating and verifying my account. I then wanted to verify my Brave Rewards wallet and suprissingly I can’t because “My account is flagged”…

I have a brave rewards account and I’m a Brave user since 2015, I have NEVER done anything wrong or ilegal nor ilegit, I have just been using my browser and receiving little BAT for visiting the advertises… this was a task I have done and in which I have invested my attention… but now, god knwos why, I’m “flagged” and cannot use my earnings (which is the pathetic amount of < 4 USD, but I don’t care, those are MY 4 USD and I want to hold them after years of using Brave.

The system says the typical message about “there’s nothing you can do, just wait until we re-check your situation and maaaybe your account me become unflagged”… what to me sounds like “bla bla bla we don’t want to talk with you, don’t bother us”.

I’d really like to have a more specific response, if I can’t get the 4K bat I have earned during this years, I will remove Brave browser from all my 4 devices and will never ever use this browser again because I’m really pissed off…

Is there ANYTHING I can do that is not “cross your fingers and wait for acouple of years until our super automated system wants to unflag you”??


PS: I’m not a thief nor a hacker nor a cracker nor a drug seller nor an identity forger… I’m a normal and simple user that has been watching your ADDS and made you earn money for that during YEARS… and I WANT my 4K BAT

As you probably noticed in the message displayed, some accounts flagged are false positives and that seems to be your case. Some users are currently having issues with linking to their Uphold accounts and Brave staff are working to fix the problem. I don’t know if this is related to your account being flagged in error after all these years or not, but it may be.

You might want to wait a few days and see if your account gets unflagged. If not, you can always tag the moderators in your post or send them a DM. If you decide to DM the moderators, include a link to this post and your wallet payment id found at brave://rewards-internals. Do not post your wallet id!

I personally like that with the new version update they are at least notifying users when their accounts are flagged. I am hoping that the unflagging process goes smoothly and users will not experience long waits. That is my hope anyway.

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Hi, thanks for your kind reply… I will keep cool then for a couple of days and see what happens.

Thanks again for bringing a bit of calm. I don’t really care about the money, I just felt frustrated after so many years seeing those adds come and go and wen’t mad… but ok, I’ll keep cool and wait a couple of days.

Thanks Sir.

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@steeven Dm him your account details, he will look into it and get your account unflagged.

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How can I knwo who is the moderator so I can DM him?


@edugr1982 You can find them here-

You can aslo follow these steps-


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