My brave rewards have been flagged!

I would like to know why my rewards were flagged, I only received the first month the rewards and never received again…

I swear I’m almost giving up on the brave browser, I’m not going to spend all my time coming here in support asking to help…

How to know wether your account flagged or not?

They won’t/don’t tell you. I’m just going to let you know that much right now.

Yeah, that happens if you get flagged. There are many things that can cause problems. I’m not sure of anything on your situation. All you can do is submit tickets at

Nor does anyone want you to. When you have an issue, you submit a ticket and then do your thing. It doesn’t take much of your time and they work to resolve it when they can.

Btw, if you hadn’t seen it, there’s a small FAQ I made at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers which might be helpful for you in general.

I only received ads in the first month after installing brave and if I’m not mistaken it was in early November, just a few days ago my uphold account appeared disconnected from brave, when I try to connect to brave I get the message that the account has been flagged…

My Brave rewards were verified since October 2021, and I got a little BAT, but now nothing (though ads still show). This happened since updating to v1.38.115 from v1.32.106. Logging in again does nothing, and my account is seemingly flagged, too.

I do use a VPN to Eastern Europe/Russia sometimes, and I block auto-updates manually via HOSTS. I bet that’s something to do with it.

You need to contact support.

I’ve done so, and they unflagged my account. Working as intended now. Thank you, Brave Support!

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