Insanely Complicated to Fund BAT Rewards

I like the Brave concept of micropayments to publishers for browsing the web, but adding funds to the Brave wallet is simply too complicated for the average person. Here’s are the problems

  1. If you’ve never used cryptocurrencies, BAT and adding BAT to a Brave wallet makes no sense. One has to go read up about cryptocurriences BEFORE doing anything else.

  2. One has to create an Uphold account before funding the Brave wallet. That means setting up and verifying the account, including providing ID and photos.

  3. Add funds to the Uphold account. The simplest way to do so is by credit card - unless you happen to be from one of the countries that Uphold doesn’t accept credit cards from. Then you have to close the Uphold account and go figure out which cryptocurrency accepts your credit card. This is the point at which I gave up.

  4. Assume you get as far as opening the Uphold account and adding funds to it. You then have to figure out how to transfer funds to the Brave wallet. The Brave browser assumes that you know what to do and provides no handholding whatsoever, so it’s all hit and miss.

Compare the above for paying for something at a web store.
Step 1: Enter credit card information and press ‘pay’
You’re done.

The threshold to use Brave Rewards is far too high for an average user. I can’t figure how to use Brave Rewards and / or it is far to complicated a process to jump through. And I’m a person who thinks the Brave Rewards concept is excellent and I WANT it to succeed.

Brave needs to make funding the easier AND it needs to provide a detailed step by step mechanism for doing this.


Hi @jinnah1313,
Thanks for tge feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:

First, there’s some methods to fund the Brave Rewards wallet.

  • Using BAT grants. Brave do monthly BAT grants for Brave users who want to jump-in and trying Brave Rewards.
  • No need to use Uphold. You can sent BAT or other crypto currency from your own wallet.
  • And the team also working on credit card funding directly on the browser, IIRC.


Hi @jinnah1313, please see my response below which I also offered on Reddit:

From the perspective of Brave qua Brave, we actually offer the simplest possible interface for depositing one’s own funds. Namely, we provide a list of crypto addresses to which users can send their cryptocurrency deposits, and any non-BAT deposits are exchanged for BAT automatically in the background with no additional signup or interaction required.

As for users obtaining cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC and so on in the first place , this is more an issue with blockchain/crypto adoption in general than it is with Brave and BAT in particular.

In general, the way users acquire cryptocurrency is by (a) mining it, (b) purchasing it from an exchange with fiat currency (e.g., via Coinbase, Uphold, etc.) or © having someone transfer it to them manually. All of these options are either arduous due to signup/identification reasons (as in the case of fiat exchanges like Uphold, Coinbase, QuadrigaCX, etc.) or due to technical complexity (in the case of mining, or even setting up an on-chain cryptocurrency wallet). Again, this is an issue with crypto adoption in general, not with Brave itself.

But there’s a fourth way: option (d) . Option (d) allows users to earn tokens without ever having to setup their own on-chain address. Earning these tokens may involve something as simple as opting in to seeing some ads here and there. And that’s precisely what we’re bringing to Brave with Brave Ads.

As you may know, once Brave Ads is released as part of Brave Rewards, users will receive 70% of the ad revenue/spend for any ads they choose to see, in BAT. These earnings will accrue in their built-in browser wallet. Notice how this requires no signup, fiat on-ramp or technical expertise.

In fact, this is the expected flow of BAT to users. We don’t expect most users to self-fund their own wallets as you describe (though we will be introducing more in-browser CC/debit card options). Rather, many if not most users will earn their BAT via Brave Ads, and then be able to use their in-browser BAT to make micropayments directly through the browser (as it happens now with tipping and contributions). Manual self-funding of the wallet ought to be understood as secondary to this flow.

Hope that helps clarify the big picture here!


Just for the record, I didn’t purchase any BAT until I spent a few months and hundreds of hours becoming increasingly familiar with Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general.

For the average Joe, it is a very intimidating process with dozens of points where giving up is the easiest course of action. I don’t know anyone in my extended family who would get very far in this process without a tremendous amount of hand-holding and, ultimately, blind faith in the person trying to get them on the BAT bandwagon.

Being the “simplest” of all the other tokens out there to get a hold of, once someone has gone ahead and purchased BTC and/or ETH, may be true. But that is a very low bar to hold oneself against.

Of course, understanding what happens with one’s BAT once one has purchased it with BTC/ETH was another jarring experience as well. I had no idea that once I purchased the BAT that it was going to be siphoned off little by little every month. That was not clear in the beginning. I thought it was going to be something akin to a normal crypto wallet/ account that I could use to tip people with. The mandatory distribution of my own personal BAT via these monthly distributions has been a bit disappointing to learn of.

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A comment. Brave (and you) assume that the users know what cryptocurrencies are and know how to use them. That may be a bad assumption. For example, I haven’t brought into them because the market for cryptocurriences is so unstable.

I can’t use Uphold - there is no way to connect it to my fiat currency accounts / credit card because I’m in the wrong country (which only found out AFTER I created an account and provided my sensitive documents to become a verified user - I’m not happy at all).

So which cyrptocurrency service provider should I use then? Will Brave help me on this and provide a list of recommend providers, or am I supposed to wade through the very many service providers on my own? I suppose I could, but I’m not going to bother because it wastes my time. At the moment, with regard to Brave Rewards, I am a lost customer.

Brave really should consider hiring someone whose job it is to pretend to be someone who knows how to use Amazon, but knows nothing about cryptocurrencies, and ask them to write the help manual for Brave Rewards.

I am glad that that credit cards will become a thing in the future. For all of my complaints, I am betting that Brave is showing the way future for funding internet publishers. I’m grumbling because I want to be part of it, but at the moment, I can’t.



This. This so hard. I am absolutely unwilling to give my social security number out on the internet (uphold requires this) nor should I have too. This seems like a clear case of “shut up and take my money”. I’m quite excited to give you money so that you can give it to content creators instead of google. The excuse of “well, we were intending all along to make it an advertising platform” is frustrating.

The whole appeal of micro-payments is to do away with the need for the toxic advertising of the internet. I really, really don’t want to see ads. I want to use my own money to replace the need for them but I cant because y’all want to do it with ads.

If that is the dynamic me, and I suspect many others, will continue to use ad blockers and not have a good way to compensate content creators. I do hope y’all are serious about creating a direct way of buying BAC that is no more complicated then “step 1:” above.

Also, now that I’m done internet raging: Thank you for doing this work. Even that you have a forum where you are willing to answer users questions (and respond to rants) is HUGE. I cant count the number of times that I’ve been Like “Why cant I do this thing on google product X” to find out that… cuz you cant and no one at google cares because it wont stop the money hose. Thanks for caring.


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