BAT Tipping only

As many seem to have too, I am having problems being offered ads to see for BAT. I am confused on the need for a wallet for it to work. I do not any money. I want to tip creators with rewards. I started to verify a wallet but wants too much personal information.

In setting Extensions: Crypto Wallets, it shows “Provides an Ethereum wallet and Dapp browser inside Brave.” It was not enabled. To see if this was a problem being offered ads and receiving BAT. I enabled it. When then clicked Crypto Wallets, I received this notification: “All of this is completely separate from Brave Rewards. So if you were looking to support your favorite sites, head over there instead.”

I guess this means if I only want to be able to tip creators including, I do not need to create a wallet even though chrome://rewards/ looks like I need to verify Wallet.

If you only want to support creators, you don’t need to verify your wallet (1). You can use brave:rewards wallet for that purpose and using Brave Ads to fund your wallet (2).

Verified wallet means you will have a full control of your brave:rewards wallet – withdrawal, add funds (from FIAT or other crypto currency) via Brave’s partner, Uphold.


Thanks, eljuno. I guess I’ll have to wait for an update to Brave to fix the problems with being show ads and BAT.