Not receiving login emails

I sent an email on 18/5/19 saying


I changed my publisher email from ***** to ***** and since I’ve not been able to log in. I’m guessing this might be because it ends in an uncommon TLD (.app)

Thanks, Allie

I haven’t got a response and still can’t log in. Any help would be appreciated.


And I guess I’ll never get a response :confused: Is it time for me to remove my brave publisher account and just direct users to paypal? I probably couldn’t even do that since I can’t log in.

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Try visiting and clearing your browser cache. Relaunch the browser and try again. We had an issue a while back where login emails were getting clogged up on our end that has since been fixed.

Not sure if Christopher ever messaged back but you’re logging in with admin instead of webmaster, which the account was signed up with.

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I’m not getting emails either, but I haven’t tried in the past couple of days only today.

Sorry about the faff, it seems I’m an idiot