Brave rewards - same location, same settings, different rewards

Hello, Im quite new to this, but very enthusiastic about this browser and the entire concept. I notice that for my country there are only 3 ads, hope in future this to grow. My problem is that it seems we dont receive ads in relation with our settings. I work on desktop 8h+ and use this browser whole day, but I get 2-3 ads per day, sometimes none. Other colleagues using brave in same location receive more as the setting, they get around 0.7-1BAT/day, I get 1.5 BAT after more than one week. How can this be solved? I hope to reuse BAT to advert my small start-up as soon as I have the site finished. Hope the ad-reward system to work better according to our settings. I wait for a possible fix for my problem, if there is one. Best regards :wink:

The number of ads you see will also depends on the availability of ad campaigns in your country and “match” found between your interest and the ads catalog.

From FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

The goal is to show you privacy respecting ads that are relevant to the user in the right context (a “match” is found) – not to make sure that all users “see some ads” . Enabling Ads does not guarantee that you’re going to see ads – if the system does not find a match for you in the ads catalog, then you will not see any (more information on this below).

Further, you may see ads appearing regularly today, but tomorrow you may not see any – and that’s perfectly fine . In this situation, it really is a feature , not a bug . We appreciate everyone’s understanding of this distinction and implore you to keep this in mind before assuming that the feature simply “isn’t working”.


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