Lost Rewards After Crash

I can see this is a popular discussion, just wanted to add my own story in case it helps the devs? I updated Brave Browser this afternoon as I noticed an ‘Update’ was pending. An hour or so later, I copied a bookmark from Chrome, paste to Brave and as I began dragging the new bookmark to reorder… Brave fell over. Upon restart, all OK, except 3 BAT had disappeared from my rewards, poof gone. 2.7 BAT if we’re being pedantic, but still, bit of a surprise and I can see others have had a similar experiences. Just thought I’d share what happened here ¯_(ツ)_/¯

+1 my 3 bat gone aswell

Same here, lost roughly 3 BAT from my estimated rewards. Also, rewards haven’t been draining to my uphold account in 3 months…

I’ve been wondering if my rewards finally deducted the April rewards? If that makes sense?? I saw one post earlier suggesting this might be the case. Just seems weird the correlation with the Brave update, then the crash… then the BAT disappearing in to the ether.

Check your monthly statement (earnings) for April. It should subtract that much BAT.

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