My Bats disappear and i dont know why


Five days ago i had 5 bats pending (Since may) , now i have only 1,75 and the rest disappear.

Its not on my uphold account.

What do i do?

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Im new to brave and I had the same thing happen… Last night I had 1. something BAT … this morning I have 0.7 … whats up with that? Im new here… BTW love brave!!

I was at 1.118 BAT earlier today and when I came back tonight my rewards had dropped to 0.603 BAT and I do not know why!

Do you have automatic contributions turned OFF in all of your devices? (The default is ON.) Did you tip a content creator?

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Check your auto contribution and its history. Disable auto contribution if you do not want to contribute your tips to others

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