Brave rewards issue with me

Hey, i logged in with same account on a new device, but rewards not showing on new device. Please help what should i do?

Could you be more specific please? I’m not sure what is your issue :thinking:

I just switched on to device. But BAT rewards are not showing previous balance, it is starting with 0.

and those devices where linked to an uphold account? or you just synced them? wallets work locally, the only way to “save” your bat in th same place is by verifying your wallets with an uphold account, because wallets can’t be synced… :no_mouth:

No i was to acheive 25 BAT balance. Not verified uphold wallet

what account are you talking about?

Can i share my account email here? It is a community and risk to my privacy.

On my knowledge, I think the rewards are only shown in one particular device even if you synced it with another. For instance, you have 10 BAT in Device A and 0 BAT in Device B, additionally you have synced the two devices. The 10 BAT will show only in Device A because the syncing feature only applies to browsing data like the following but not limited to: browsing history and saved passwords.

I hope this helps you with your concern. Thank you.

But please confirm it and i just formatted my device. When i logged into with same account on brave rewards, my rewards are lost, please help me getting those rewards again.

If you formated the device then your bat are lost, because at the moment there’s no way to back up your wallets without an uphold account (and that only save the bat already paid, not the pending rewards)

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