Rewards not synced

I can see my rewards only in my cellphone and i use Brave at PC too but it doesn’t shows my BATs at the PC, even though the accounts are synced

Each wallet will only show it’s own individual BAT that is stored in the brave browser of that device. The rewards will never sync as they are specific to that browser only. The only way you will see rewards synced on all devices is if you verified the wallet with Uphold/Gemini and connected each device to Uphold/Gemini. But even then the only rewards that will display are any rewards that were sent to Uphold/Gemini after the payout periods are complete.

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If the Rewards are in Gemini already, does it cause a reset on that as well? Intuitively, I would say no because the rewards are already deposited in my Gemini Account…

i see, but my BATs at the mobile device are the ones i should be seeing at the PC, because i use Brave for PC before i started using in mobile, and both devices are linked with Uphold

they are linked to Uphold, this problem could happen with both wallets i guess

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