Brave rewards is macs red bacwards!

I was introduced to brave 4 months ago and everything was smooth.But one day I check my uphold account to see my balance and notice almost all of my BAT is missing.In the activity records I noticed 3.75 BAT that i earned in a period of 3 months was sent back to Brave Software International.I wrote a polite letter to uphold about it and they wont answer!That makes me suspicious of Upholds legitimacy and I personally belive Uphold is a bad place to trade or store your coins.If someone can just send my money without my approval that makes it a macs.I only lost 2.50 dollars worth of BAT but what shocks me is that they take my money without notifying me or asking if I was okay with it.If they asked me nicely to donate to them I would, but now that I see they are bunch of thieves stealing small amounts from its costumers I feel outraged.Can someone od Brave Software International reply and explain why exactly is ot that you take your customers coins with no notification.This is outrageous and I only have bad things to say about Brave Rewards.Until they dont give me my money back I will consider Brave and Uphold a macs!

Also how come there is no contact information that we can use and resolve issues?