Brave rewards has been doing the same thing for 3 months

hello everyone, brave rewards has been doing the same thing for 3 months. As it can be seen in the attached photos, this month is missing. what is the reason of this? Will I be reimbursed if these prizes are lost? I use Brave in both my mobile and PC browser. both the same way. What is the solution to this? My apps are in the latest version. I don’t use VPN vs. Please transfer them to my account, dear authorities.

I have the same problem. I thought It was solved after the middle of April when BATs were accredited into the account but I realized today that it is not. They just flush out and disappeared.

To be honest, I am not getting the right amount of BATs generated since January when I got the last payment. Then I didn’t receive anything in February. For some reason, I received a doubled payment of 0,75 bat in March when I remember I did more than 2 bats. As I explained before, on April 16th, brave rewards appeared reflected on my brave wallet (+2,72 BAT) but today (May 1st) I went to my Gemini account and nothing was transferred into my Gemini account. Even the number of BATs that I can see from the browser have changed. Now I have to receive April payment which would be 3,274 BATs and I am afraid that they are not going to arrive as well. At this point, I should be at +18 BATs but I am just moving backwards with this.

Team Brave, Any idea or help with this problem, please?


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