Brave Rewards(Earning Money) could become better it you add mining system's cpu power business model

I don’t have too much deep knowledge about crypto currency development and its tech(not interested to learn about it too)
But one thing I’m familiar is that people who like them and work for it needs large amount of hardware power to mine them.

Recently, People have been buying Hardwares just to mine them and some hardware manufacturers has been price hiking due to scarce… so my thought is that, while billions of people already own a computer, why not make it a norm(business model) to use people’s system’s power as a way to make money ?

Some websites partner with and they’re making money.

To Enrich the Brave’s Userbase numbers and to make yourself a better way to make money, this is something which you should be considering as your development’s next big push (instead of keep following watch ad to earn BAT and that bat could help users to make money)

This is wiser because with brave ads rewards, users need to perform action(watch ads) and their attention becomes a priority but with this mining type of business model, they don’t need to perform any action, just keeping their browser ON would be enough.
Websites like discloses the mining attempts to earn money for themselves in an effort to remove ads for their website. However, there will be many websites in the future that will be discreetly(silently) using this tech and business model without user’s knowledge to earn money.

All in all, with those types of business models, Only the website owners will earn money and not the end user whom they are making use of ->>> i think that shouldn’t be the way, the convincing and fair deal would be people who accept the mining business(end users) as well as the developers both should earn money.

Example, end users receiving 80% of the revenue and developers receiving 20% of the revenue, 20% might seem lesser but remember that you also have other source of income such as Brave ads, subscriptions, Brave vpn, Brave talk…etc.

The mining business scheme should be added as a browser rich feature so that people who don’t use brave ads rewards can use it as alternative. Instead of being on a particular website, make it as a browser wide feature so that whenever the browser is ON, the mining process utilizing our computer’s power gets started.

To avoid conflicts with other websites which also attempt mining and as an improvement to brave shields, add an option called “Block Mining attempts” in the brave shield panel to block mining attempts Globally(so that only the browser can make use of user’s computer’s power for mining and in exchange for the hardware power sharing deal, brave browser would give back money in return for users granting the permission to let the developers use their computer power (to share it with the companies who are looking for ways to mine cryptocurrencies))

Instead of letting crypto companies wasting money on purposefully buying new hardwares just for the sake of mining cryptocurrency, make it as a norm to implement a business model to make use of the CPU power of all existing pc hardwares.

Most of the time, people’s CPU consumption would scale about 10 to 15%

so there is nothing wrong for the users to supply/share 20 to 30% of their hardware power if the hardware power exchange lets the users to make money. Make the business model as a slider ranging from 10 to 30% so people who set the slider to 10%(less processor power consumption to less payout rates) and 20%(medium payout rates) and 30% slider with heavy power consumption to highest payout rates.

If you’re looking for new ways to make money and improving brave rewards, this is something which you should consider. Even with Brave ads, you need to focus on region based ads but with mining schemes, it’s just all about consuming user’s computer hardware power.


Are you doing this?

My concern is it jacking up my CPU. I’m using a terrible laptop now & resources are slim.



hello @shdsoi,

In that point i totally agree with you.

Then i’ll keep it short.

That’s not gonna work!


Hi everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not interested in a deep dive into this issue, but I am curious if you could provide an overview on why this would not work. I am curious if this concept might not be a “wave of the future” and not just with mining. There are already crypto tokens supporting networks based on this concept (example:

I think this is actually an old concept being reworked. Not sure, but wasn’t this how BTC mining first happened in the early days?

Is there are way to maybe partition areas and limit resource use for that partition? I haven’t a clue, but curious about whether this is possible or not. My system is ancient too and unless I could set limits or only allow in idle times, this would not work for me either! lol

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The problem with your theory is that brave already block cryptominers. According to a statement from brave team member, it was the first one to do so. All other major browsers also block cryptominers by default.

Also, if brave adds such a feature (opt-in) the shear controversy it will cause will be too much.

Also, on Uptobox right now, I do not see any crypto miners. Only, google and facebook analytics


Well, I was thinking about it as a separate service. Similar to other services Brave offers like Talk and VPN + Firewall. Why would opt-in mining be any different? I am not clear on why offering this would be a “bad” thing. I definitely do not think “stealth” mining is OK and any site trying to do that should be blocked. But an opt-in is different. Am I missing the “big picture” or are there other ramifications?

Just trying to get some perspective on this. Hope my questions are not irritating to those familiar with this concept! :smiley:

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@Chocoholic it’s not irritating :grinning:
I’ll try an short “overview”

Speaking of “mining”, this is only possible with coins using a Pow-concept.

Proof of work at scale requires huge amounts of energy and computing power, which only increases as more miners join the network.
Also energy prices exploding at the moment.

Bitcoin mining with CPU-power (as mentioned before) was first used to for mining bitcoin.

In October 2010, when the bitcoin price reached 10 cents, using GPU was now six times more efficient than before on CPUs.

2011 field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) were also remodelled for the purpose of mining Bitcoin. They now can mine Bitcoin twice as fast as the highest grade GPU.

The third major innovation in the to bitcoin mining industry happened in 2013.
That year the first application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) was released. In comparison to the other devices named CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs, ASICs are only designed to mine Bitcoin and create new bitcoin blocks. The efficiency was never higher.

I hope you made until here :wink:

In my humble oppinion it doesn’t make a sense trying to mine something with ancient or outdated processing power.

Would be equivalent to adding one drop of water into the ocean
Literally spending money to lose money.

I hope you get my site of view
Have a nice evening!


I did! and the information helped a lot. Thank-you!

I do! Much clearer now. Does appear to be more of a sinkhole than an actual business op given the limitations/capabilities/processes currently available.

What about the Render type networks? Any thoughts on that? Actually off-topic (apologies to OP) now that I read the information you provided but going to throw it out there anyway since it is kinda, sorta related. lol What are your thoughts? Please. :grin:

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It will be something similar when norton antivirus included a Crypto Miner (opt-in) in their service. Now, there is no use for a anti-virus program to have a crypto miner. Norton was trolled/made fun of for it. It does not look good and erodes the trust in that particular software. Users are turned Off from a service which says that they can mine crypto using their programme (even if it is opt-in).

Also, technically speaking it is better to mine cryptocurrencies via their actual software programmes instead of in such a wierd way (from profit standpoint).


Dear @Chocoholic

afaik render networks are blockchains and crypto-enabled projects that enables individuals to contribute unused GPU power.

An ancient system (like yours) with neglectable CPU-power, probably has no significant GPU-power at all.

A better way would maybe to buy coins based on a Proof-of-Stake algorithm you trust and stake them!?

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Uhm. Not really looking. Only used Render as an example because Coinbase (I think) had an earn promotion for them. I also saw that Brendan Eich is one of their “advisors”, so that one stuck in my mind and I was able to pull it up easily without research.

I was mainly just curious to know your thoughts on these type endeavors. Even if my system was capable, I probably wouldn’t opt-in anyway. Just not my cup of tea. I am so paranoid about my data I don’t think I would ever feel comfortable opting in to this type thing. Not unless there was some major assurances and safeguards in place. Even then, probably not, because I wouldn’t understand what the heck they were talking about! :laughing:

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Well said, if they are considering it, let it be an opt-in.


Even if this was implemented, this would only be an optional way to earn money, this would help people who have powerful machines to earn $50 to $100 easily every month without doing any work(as keeping the browser ON would be the only criteria).

The Main advantage for this monetization is that there is no need for user actions (such as ad clicks and view impression rates) and even for development point of view, developers don’t need to think too much how much the ads are being reached to the users (Ads and users interactions with them), Just Set this tech and features up & running, it would only require keeping browser ON, overall maintenance for these monetization and payment setup for users and crypto partners.

I’m not sure why Brave is slowing down your PC at this moment(without these features implemented)

One Quick way to Force reduce resources for the Brave program would be using Task Manager.

  1. open Task Manager
  2. Select Brave and choose “Go to Details”
  3. Select “Set affinity”
  4. Select only CPU 0, CPU 1, CPU 2 and click OK.

Your PC will feel like Brave isn’t slowing down your overall performance of your pc anymore (like Overheating, fan speed being high…etc) however, Brave program’s individual performance might be degraded, you should also uninstall extensions which you don’t use(Don’t install too many extensions if you have a slow PC)

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