Browser mining to generate some extra BAT


maybe this topic could make you confused. What a sense would make Browsermining? Let me explain it…

One of Braves use cases is it, to reduce electricity cost that occour due the loading of ads, trackers and so on. On mobile devices that is a big reason to use Brave for surfing the web. My idea was, that on desktop devices the same amount of saved computing power could be used to mine cryptocurrencys while the webpage that you visit is already loadet. The earned currencies would be automatically converted into BAT on open market. This means you would be able to earn BAT by providing the computing power that you would have lost otherwise when using a different browser than Brave.

The website would not need longer to load because mining starts not until it is 100% loadet. So Brave would mine as long you stay on a Website - in fact: As long as you are generating attention.

Yes you also would not provide more computing power than with a different browser than Brave, but of course this is just an optional feature to earn some extra BAT, that can be turned off as it is possible with Brave Ads too. But for many users that could be a way to generate some BAT instead of deposit them oder earn them due Brave Ads. I mean, If I want to give back the due Brave Shields saved value to the Publishers: It could be easier to mine cryptocurrency than to calculate my saved electricity costs and buy BAT for the same amount.

Another point is, that Brave this way could replace other “crypto-browsers” which promise the same feature but may not as secure and reliable as Brave.

hope you enjoy this idea to.