new user and a few totally newbie questions

Im here for some rewards - thats it. Ive Just heard about Brave.
I use chrome just for reading news, facebook, emails, banking etc etc. if I’m just doing that stuff, I can easily do that on Brave. I have the rewards settings to 5 ads per hour. if I’m not doing much other than surfing to fill in time I can watch a few ads.

My understanding is that now 5 ads per hour will pop up on my browser, I watch it, it finishes, it disappears and I can keep doing my stuff - is that right? Or do I need to do specific things - like answer questions about the ad or rate it or something else?

Do I actually have to be actively surfing to get the ads? if I’m working in excel with (say) my facebook page open or an online radio station website, will the ads still pop up to watch?

Do I need to visit specific sites in order to get rewards? Do some sites pay for visiting their site?

is there a set rate for watching ads or is it a sliding scale set by or depending on the advertiser? Is there a time of day or day of the week benefit? If I watch ads on a Saturday night after 10pm do they pay better than 9-5 M-F ads I watch?

Ive got the rewards wallet set up. My understanding is every 30 days an amount of BAT will appear in that wallet depending on the number of ads ive watched. Is that correct? Is there a reconciliation ability - ie you watched x number of ads and so you are you get x BAT.

Does or will a VPN effect Brave or the rewards?

Im sure this has already been covered somewhere, why can’t I just leave my browser open 24/7 and let the ads run through without watching them and get paid for that?

Cryptotab is a CPU/Cloud mining browser. I dont have to use that to get BAT rewards do I?

And that’s about it. Thank you in advance.

Hello @GlennP

check this one How to access BAT Coins - #2 by justsomeone1

and now for your question

5 per hour does not mean you will get 5 per hour it mean to get maximum 5 per hour and it depend on other factor like there limit per day around 20 ads per day
once you see the ads notification it count so it does not matter to click on it or not

for android it can show ads while you doing other thing but for desktop you can not and also ads will not show up if there a media playing like video

only the ads you see that reward you and each ads has some rule so maybe some advertiser do not show thier ads to you unless you surf a site from certain category like sport cloth or whatever the category of the ads

the value of bat per ads is different it depend on the advertiser but does not matter about the time at least that what i know

each month around 6 of it (could be later depend on the amount of user who will get paid) it calculate how many bat you will earn you can get estimated bat earning from here brave://rewards/
by the way there 25 bat required for the first sync to be sent to your uphold account

not sure about that

the point that the advertiser want the user to see their ads so it will not be good for them to just give their money to us for nothing :wink:

no mining here you watch/see/click ads you earn BAT

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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great response.
answered my questions thank you very much.
im still not entirely sure about how the ads and surfing will work, but i think i am just going to have to see,
i hope this exchange helps out other new comers.

you very welcome and welcome to the brave world :slight_smile:

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