New revenue model suggestions for Brave platform and users


I would like to suggest a new additional revenue model for brave users and the Brave platform overall.

What I am proposing is for the developers at Brave to add an optional feature that Brave browser users can agree to by agreeing to an electronic agreement where their CPU will be used up to a set % capacity (ie. 10%-100%) to mine the most profitable PoW CPU mineable cryptocurrencies.

The brave platform would then take the revenue earned from the PoW mining process and use it to purchase BAT. The Brave platform would then share a percentage of the PoW mining rewards with the Brave browser users that have enabled the CPU mining on their browser feature. The rewards would be distributed based on the amount of CPU resources the user(s) has delegated for the in-browser mining, rewarded in BAT added to their wallet on a monthly basis alongside the ad revenue.

This feature should also enable the Brave content creators that have signed up with Brave to be rewarded a % of the mined cryptocurrencies (in BAT) depending on how much CPU mining resources have been expended by other Brave browser users while browsing on their Brave approved content creator website/youtube channel/social media account page, etc.

This proposal would make Brave the premier ad and tracking free platform, would help support the price of BAT through the buyback mechanism, and would help grow the BAT ecosystem as a whole by creating and unlocking tremendous value for netizens around the world that choose to use the Brave browser and services.

Looking forward to read the input from other community members regarding this proposal.

Thank you.

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Hello @eBargains

the main problem here is why people share their resource while they can use their assets to mine for their self and take the whole profit from it

just my thoughts and have a nice day

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