12 Computers rewards

I have a cyber with 12 computers, all using Brave. Can I get the rewards from these computers?
On the other hand, there is an uphold limit. Can I send these tokens to a domain linked to my uphold by publisher brave?

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can you please stop doing these kind of things because you helping brave put more restrictions in place. what happens if all of them get rewards and you decide to grow your operation, what will happen is youll get a bunch of bat and maybe sell it causing a dump and investors big and small will pull out and then bat will crash so please stop thinking that way and just carry on using it the normal way there will only be more and more restrictions with things like this so please just use it the normal way because , many people cant get bat anymore because of other people fraud and abuse of the system,so my advice is use those computers to mine bitcoin and ethereum or something and use 2-3 out of the twelve for brave simple.

  1. There is no limit any more. You can add your 12 devices

  2. Don’t use the publisher account for it. You will get flagged and eventually most of your devices will not get rewards anymore.

  3. Do you really need to use 12 computers? :slight_smile: With the new version these kind of practices will not work that smoothly. You really need to be using a device and getting only 1 reward per every 15 minutes. And more restrictions are coming thanks to abusive practices. Greed is not our friend.

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hey bro i sent them the same thing i said what happens if someone with an internet cafe uses brave rewards, some internet cafes have branches across multiple suburbs and I also said what if theres someone thats really famous like an artist who sells platinum records and they want to use the brave rewards system for people to tip them its going to trigger the fraud system,guess what bro,no response and that was sent last year, so they really dont care , they only going to do what they feel like is good in there mind with no real concern for a bigger more serious real world community or people who have incredibly large audiences who are willing to tip, I dont think there minds can handle that or atleast it doesnt look like it for now and on top of that they always say ye, we looking for things etc and bla bla bla, but when things come into effect, they do it without letting the public know and then only once theres enough backlash do they say, oh such and such happend now this service is suspended,its more like they telling you what to do and your the dummy,thats how I feel.

also its like they enforce things that are not good without warning people and then only tell them later which i dont think is good,coz if they are going to ban certain features or regions and so on, its going to happen anyway so why not just tell the people about it

ye well thats not good i mean does he have permission to do that and whats his position in the company to be able to do things like that i guess those are the things that make them block regions

Let me know where this internet café is. I would love to use their browser and tip whomever I wanted with their BAT. :smiley:

That’s how you get an entire country banned from rewards OMEGALUL India 2.0 incoming

Yes yes yes!
You’re right, I can link the computers. Thank you very much!

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