Payout in progress & disconnect and reconnect


I have 2 problem. Could you help me to fix it please?

  1. I create my creator from 22 April and get verified. I’ve received some tip from audience. I don’t know why in my account status always is “Payout in progress”
  2. Recently I got the message like in figure that “Uphold is reporting to us that your account connection is out of date. This could be the result of changing your Uphold password or other changes on your Uphold account. Please try disconnecting and reconnecting your wallet.”

When I try to disconnect it, I get the message as shown in the figure “We are unable to disconnect your wallet at this time.”

Could you help me to fix it please.


This is a newer one that I haven’t learned about yet. The last time I saw someone with that issue, Mattches had asked someone to DM him to troubleshoot. I never found out the results. And Mattches is on PTO for another week or so, which means we’re not going to be able to ask about that here.

Two things I’m going to advise you to do.

  1. This is most important, create a Support Ticket. Since it’s Creator, you’re not going to have a Wallet Payment ID but you can put in the email associated with your Creators instead.

  2. I’m tagging @steeven and if he sees this and responds during the day tomorrow, when he’s back to work, then try to answer any questions he asks or send him a DM (if he asks you to DM him).

And if you do get it resolved with anyone, please advise what they were able to find out so we might know more for others in the future…if it’s something that can be resolved without Brave having to step in.

Thanks for your support

I have same problem.

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