Brave Rewards - Add Funds problem?

I tried to add BAT to my Browser from my connected but unverifed Uphold BAT card when the Rewards issues were going on but today my Browsers claimed rewards finally showed up but as far as i can tell from my Activity my Brave Rewards wallet has only received BAT from Ad’s and not from my connected Uphold BAT Card still?? Also if I add funds from my Uphold BAT card to my browser will it move from Uphold or is it the same address / wallet so should show on both ends untill its spent from either end??

Do i need to contact Uphold support also aswell as Brave Rewards Support here??


Thanks for your time,

First, did your BAT is received safely on your Uphold account? I mean, there’s nothing lost right?

Did you sent it to BAT card or “Brave Browser” card? If you want to add funds/withdrawal to/from brave:rewards wallet, you need to transfer in/out to/from Brave Browser card.

The BAT will technically still on your Uphold (Brave Browser card). And BAT in this card should show the same amount both in Uphold and brave:rewards wallet.

Sorry should have said its definately the Brave Browser Card.

The Brave Browser Rewards history doesnt show anything other than ad rewards which is why im still looking into this Uphold to Brave Rewards xfer?

Any ideas?

Anyone got any ideas on how i might fix my adding funds from Uphold to browser??

Also is there a list anywhere of URLs / IPs used by Brave Rewards and Brave Wallet for Firewall exclusions just to rule that out??

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