Brave rewards balanced not increasing

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Description of the issue:
BAT rewards is always 0 despite activating and previewing ads.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install Brave browser on android
  2. Enable Brave rewards
  3. Enable ads
  4. Receive and click on ad notification

Expected result:
Receive any bat rewards whatsoever and be able to see it in the balance

Actual result
No brave rewards received whatsoever despite clicking ads and even joining the recommended services.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Latest Brave android browser

Mobile Device details
Samsung galaxy note 10

Hi @Andrei.cristian90, Welcome to Community!
To confirm, when did you first download Brave?

Hi Aaron!
Thanks foe the reply. I have downloaded it about a week ago

Okay! So the reason your balance is still 0 is that BAT earned from seeing Ads are paid out once a month. When you do see an ad, the BAT earned goes into a “pending balance” which is then paid to the user the first week of each month. Typically around the 5th. There can be delays so if you don’t see your BAT the first hour of the 5th, no need to panic. Give it time.
Since you’ve just started using Brave you have not gone through payout week, if it comes to payouts in Feb and you don’t receive your BAT, let us know so we can investigate.

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