Brave not giving me monthly reward

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Description of the issue:
I have 60.455 pending BAT that was supposed to be given to me April 5th, it has just vanished from the pending amount and was never given to me. I cannot verify my wallet as I do not have 25 BAT and have been waiting for it to go through (months of confusion)
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. use Brave as usual and have ads on
  2. check pending
  3. wait and receive nothing

    Expected result:
    that I get my 60.455 bat
    Brave Version( check About Brave):
    Mobile Device details
    SM-G973W samsung galaxy s10 (canada)
    Additional Information:
    can submit additional info upon request. check photo for reference

Hello @GrunclePug

the payment still pending check this

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Hi am having the same issue here on my mobile brave version. Is there some way of tracking the history , as it seems that every month sub 25 BAT, which would enable the uphold wallet to be incorporated, is simply disappearing.

Hello @Jezzathelost42

wait till the payment completed and if you did not get paid then create new post and describe your issue

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hi , my mobile rewards, which has now disappeared was showing 45 bat due, but I now have a balance of 1.5 bat in my wallet.
Is there a way to see the monthly history?
Where has all the other BAT gone?
Why , when I have linked my uphold wallet to both my desktop and mobile does it not pay into the wallet?

Look forward to your comments

Hello @Jezzathelost42

wait till the payment completed then if you did not get paid then create post and describe your issue

check the link i shared earlier to know when it completed

No still not working, no payment made to my upload wallet from my mobile despite being synced with desktop .
Shows 45 BAT pending but not going to the rewards, which therefore doesn’t allow me to verify wallet separately for mobile … which is my main usage…
Any ideas

I like to confirm I have this issue too, and it’s been like this for more than a month.

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