Rewards do not work

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Description of the issue: Rewards pending will show a value of bat and number of adds seen. The number is highly inconsistent. Sometimes it will show a number from earlier that day and other times it will go back to 0 or show the 1 or 2 adds i have seen since opeing the browser. Once the number goes back to 0 whatever has built up in the account never reappears. Its as if the pending rewards disappear and do not appear in the account. My uphold account is verified and i do do currently hold bat in that account but have not seen the rewards from brave.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. It is highly inconsistent. Screen shots of times and dates i suppose.

Expected result: inconsistency at this point.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.
Mobile Device details

Additional Information:
Thank you for any assistance. I am aware this could be user error…

I am having a similar issue on my Android mobile phone. BAT does not accumulate at all, regardless of how many ads I click on.

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