Mobile BAT rewards gone and balance reset

A couple of months ago, my BAT balance on my Android device was approximately 120 BAT (~$50). I do not remember the exact value. Then, after the problems with the May payouts, which I did not receive, my balance went to zero. I did not panic after reading the notices on the community page, I assumed that it was a visual bug (I could still see history of payments from ads when I clicked the rewards symbol, and look at the “grants” drop down). Brave then updated to 1.9.79 recently, and I checked to see if the problem was solved. It was not. I still showed zero. I then successfully received my 10.5 BAT payment for May a few days ago, and now my rewards show only that as a balance.

Please could you investigate and see where my missing balance is? I am asking because I just read the announcement of syncing and linking wallets to Uphold. Prior to this bug, I would have been able to link to Uphold, but now I am under the 25 BAT limit again and will not be able to take advantage of linking.

Hi @Jon_in_wherever - can you please DM me your Rewards Internals. Thank you!

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