Haven't received any BAT token

Description of the issue:
I’m a new Brave user( joined 10 days ago). But my estimated reward is 0.000 BAT till now.
It has not increased a little. I use Brave in my mobile and tablet. So, there should not be any problem with my device. Have received 8-10 notification advertisement. Here is the screenshot of the situation-

Brave Version:

My tablet’s model is “Samsung Galaxy Tab A”.

Hi @AbuAhmad,
BAT is paid out once a month, so that may be why your balance is 0. Next pay is Feb.
Do you see a pending balance when you view ad details?

How to see ad details? And I only received notification advertisement. But now I think those were notifications from some websites (I might mistakenly allowed notification). If so, why don’t I receive advertisement?

I have been collecting ads rewards for months, and each month, it adds to this new account. Whenever my Samsung s20 updates, it deletes my Brave info, and I have to start over again. I haven’t gotten the chance to verify this wallet and connect it to my uphold and previous wallet. Still waiting on payments to go to my wallet. I’d like to sync my old and new, but its a new device, don’t want to delete my old wallet Dyslexia has made this so difficult to describe.

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