BAT balance set to 0 after Brave Brovser update on mobile

Hi, after updating my Brave Browser on Android my BAT balance changed from 69.75 to 0.
How can this happen and how can I get my BAT back?


Hi @Rio , try force stopping the app, clear the cache (not the data), and restart the browser. Does this help?

Hi @saereV, I foce stopped the Brave app, cleared cache, then opened Brave app and still showing as 0

I was hoping it would help you, but it does seem to only help some.

Let’s wait and see who else could hop in here and advise on what to try next - maybe @JohnDproof has some tricks to offer.

Support should respond, but it could take some time as there are quite a few help requests right now. Just bump your thread every day or two to keep it seen. If I come across any more possible fixes or troubleshoots, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

Edit: It could also be because payment starts today I think (5th of every month), so keep an eye on it throughout the week…

I checked today and still see 0 BAT :sob:
Is there support (@support) for this?

Hi @Rio , payout is currently being processed, so it’s best to wait a bit longer - I know, but we must try. :upside_down_face:
There’s a post here you can read and watch for any updates:

Read the first part and check your setup is good. Then wait - it can take up to several days for all to process. I believe the icon changes from green to red when it’s done.
If you’re still having problems after that, follow the directions in the second part of that post to contact Support and they should be able to help you.
Hopefully, all will transition smoothly, though :crossed_fingers:

That’s a lot, were those bat in the estimated pending rewards or were they already claimed? was your wallet verified?

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BAT were claimed (small amounts since last year), then I verified the wallet few days ago (since the price increased), then as the BAT were not appearing in the Uphold for a day so I had a look on this forum. Someone suggested to update Brave since there were some bugs in the older versions in regards to transfer. After ugrading Brave BAT went to 0

Even after waiting for monthly payment processing to be complete the BAT have not returned.
Why should an Brave Browser app update delete your BAT? is there any @help @support ?

Didn’t get any response from @steeven either, as per your suggestion @saereV

I understand, @rio. Support is still working on the BAT not porting to Uphold issue, unfortunately. Any updates on a fix would appear here…

…which you can follow.

Steeven is helping many users right now, but he will get to you. You can check on the progress using the same DM with him, or keep bumping this topic every several days.


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