Brave Rewards and Uphold not working

I have linked 3 BRAVE browsers(desktop, android, ipad) to an Uphold account, however, Uphold is only showing the balance of one of only the desktop account. The other 2 accounts are on the same sync chain, however, the BAT gained from those browsers(android and ipad) are not reflected within my Uphold account. All 3 brave browsers are linked to the same Uphold Account. Any help would be appreciated.

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Can you elaborate more?

Wallet verification – connecting to Uphold – is not available for iOS. And need 25 BAT accumulated first for Android before you able to connect it.

I have BRAVE downloaded on 3 different devices (Desktop, IOS and android). IOS and android are on same sync chain. However, my android device and desktop Brave browsers are linked to the same Uphold account. I had about 128 BAT within my uphold account previously from rewards pushed from my android device which is not reflected in my Uphold account. My Uphold account only shows the balance of 1 desktop browser(2 Bat). Uphold had previously showed an accurate balance and I did not withdraw from my account, so I cannot find out where that missing funds went and they do not appear to be accumulating from each Brave Browser. Are the funds being overwritten by one of the other devices? How can i recover the lost funds?

First, no. Brave Sync can’t be used to sync your Rewards data.

Like my previous reply, if you want to connect your Uphold account to your in-browser wallet

  • on Android, you’ll need to accumulate 25 BAT first and you’ll be able to click “Verify” via BAT triangle icon at URL bar
  • on iOS it’s not available

These funds were previously showing in my uphold account, and they are no longer there.

Somehow my android device lost connection with Uphold. I have re-verified, but now the balance is 68.4 BAT(see below). What happened to the rest of the funds?

To connect from Android :point_up: @ssawhney

only 68.4 transferred into my Uphold Account, can you explain what happened to the other 59.4 bat from the first image?

Likely related to this 'Duplicated BAT' Display Bug

Thank you for clarifying.

Hello @eljuno,
It is not available on iOS because Apple is blocking the functionnality ?
I am using Brave on my computer and on my iOS mobile. I am accumulating BAT on my iOS mobile. I hope it will be possible one day to synchronize the rewards on my two devices :slight_smile:
Thank you.
Have a nice day.

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