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I’m using Brave Browser on my Desktop [mac] and on my phone [Android].
Both browsers are linked and sync since september '19 with verified wallet Uphold, also the amount of BAT are not the same in both Rewards, and I have received those only from my desktop use.
So after a quick research I have found with Rewards/internals that there are two Persona ID so Two Wallets payments.
I still have not received any Bat Rewards from my android use.

Is this possible to fix?

Thank you for your help and attention on it!

I don’t know how you linked the Android wallet since wallet verification is only available on desktop. :sweat_smile:

That’s why only desktop’s BAT get deposited to Uphold.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: sorry I’m confused!
I can’t remember, but probably like you said only on Desktop.
After that I used the sync procedure to upload my Desktop’s Bookmarks on my Android phone and then I have installed uphold app to verify my BAT.

First :point_up:

Second, Brave Sync is only syncing your bookmarks. Other browser data including wallet data is not included.

OK, I understand that! Thanks.

So why I have 4.0 Bat on Desktop and 46.7 on my Phone ?!

I have not yet received an answer to my question… is this possible to fix ? Please.

This one
It’s because it’s two different wallet.

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Thank you very much!

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