Unable to find which profile I use


I have Brave both on mobile and on computer. Though the BAT amount isn’t the same. I can’t either check through mobile which Uphold account I do have.

I sent BAT today, but, not seeing them on the only Uphold account I opened.

Did i do something wrong somewhere?

Hi @LithoStrato,

Can you give me some more information/clarification?

Verifying your mobile wallet with Uphold is not currently supported, but is something that the team is working on. You can connect your desktop wallet to Uphold.


Thank you for your answer. (French user, I’m sorry for the incoming grammar)

So, I maybe wrongly understood few things, that I still don’t understand I suppose. When I see “Estimated earnings so far this month”, that I click on it when it proposes me to do so, does it give me the assurance that it will goes to my Uphold wallet after I did click on it ? (I did so, with my mobile only, for the moment)

After that, I do see currently 2,5 BAT when I click on the triangle “Brave Rewards” next to the URL (though if I read well, it’s only possible to do so with 5.0 BAT minimum, so, how do I get less ? Plus, on my “Estimated earnings so far this month”, there is now 3.7 BAT remaining, still after clicking originally).

The thing is that I don’t see it on my Uphold account. Which leads me to this conclusion : Do I have 2 differents Brave profiles with only one linked with an Uphold account ?

@LithoStrato like Aaron said, wallet verification is not available on mobile. So your Rewards wallet on mobile is not connected to any Uphold account that you have.

That’s why you not see your mobile Rewards balance on Uphold or desktop’s Rewards wallet and vice versa.

Any BAT that you earned from ads on mobile will be deposited to your in-browser wallet under brave:rewardschrome:rewards on Android.

Hope that can make it clear.

Oh, alright, I initially thought that it was still possible that my original Uphold account could be already with the mobile Brave.

Thank you very much @Aa-ron and @eljuno for your answers.

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Just like Lithostrato, I have logged into my brave account o my android phone and I forgot what email account I have linked my brave browser at the first place. I have collected over 15$ rewards and I don’t want to loose them. Is there any way I can find which account it is linked to and possibly change the email address aswell?

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Can you elaborate more about “Brave account”?

The brave rewards account which you login with to get ads and earn rewards. I logged into the brave rewards account on my android phone and forgot which email I logged onto to. And now I have bat in my wallet which I want to link to uphold. But I don’t know what account it is. I can see the rewards on my brave browser but can’t check which account it is.

Still not sure about what you mean by “Brave Rewards account”. Did you mean creators.brave.com account? Screenshot would be really helpful.

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Yes creators.brave.com. Like I said I can see how much bat I have on my account but can’t redeem it because I forgot the email address I logged into.

creators.brave.com account is not related to brave:rewards wallet. It’s two different wallet with two different purpose, @ADARSH_SHUKLA.

The former is for managing your channel/s and contribution that you received as a creator and the latter is your user in-browser wallet to manage your Brave Rewards (tip, auto-contribute, and ads).

Like I said in my previous reply, you can’t withdrawal BAT from brave:rewards wallet on mobile, yet.

You can simply search an email from “Brave Creators” in your email client.

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Okay got the first part. But for the second part I simply can’t do it since I don’t remember which email I signed up with at first place…

You can try to enter with all the your emails you have. The right one will allow you to enter at your account. Only that @eljuno must confirm that using this way is not possible to be blocked the account.

Also is this a bug or what my USD earning reduced from 13.59 to 7 now they keep decreasing even when I didn’t withdraw or do anything. And even auto contribute is turned off. I’m using brave browser on Android

It’s normal. Because BAT price is fluctuated @ADARSH_SHUKLA.

Please note, you earned BAT, not USD. The USD value is an estimation.


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