I can't link Brave Browser to my Uphold account in my phone

Hi, yesterday I noticed that my Brave browser has been unlinked from my Uphold account. I tried to link it again, but it won’t let me do it. A few weeks ago I had the problem that my wallet was flagged and therefore I had not received ads or rewards. That is solved, but now I have this problem.

The devices I use: PC and Smartphone. And my browsers: Android (Release and Nightly) and Windows (Release). I have not exceeded the limit of devices connected to my Uphold account. So I don’t know what could be the problem. Honestly this is getting really annoying. Can anybody help me? @steeven @Mattches @SaltyBanana

Can you please elaborate on what happens when you attempt to re-verify your wallet?

Same issue in Android Ver 11.
Browser attemp to login on Uphold and after authorize return to the Rewards page and the Uphold account is no longer verified.


Same thing happening on my android phone and tablet.

That is what I get after I go through the verify wallet process.

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Can you both please try logging into your Uphold account, then opening the Shields panel in the address bar, then change the cookies setting to All cookies allowed..., then go back and try the wallet verification process again and see if this helps?

Hi @Mattches. I have the same issue as @cmam, he has perfectly described with his screenshots what happens.

I changed the cookies setting to “All cookies allowed…”, I went through the verification process again but it did not work.

I checked the event log at “brave://rewards-internals” and these are the entries when I go through the verification process. Maybe it could be helpful in solving this.


@Mattches I read that the payment process is complete, is it true? If true, this is my third month without receiving the rewards from my smartphone (Release and Nightly). To be honest, this is very annoying, no one even gives me a solution or tells me what happens with the rewards of the past months.

Don’t work

I tried that already per your suggestion to another user. It didn’t resolve the issue.

I suspect that we will not be able to withdraw the tokens

who can help us?

You need to have a Wallet removed from an old device. I found that was my issue as well. You are at your limit of 4. You can find that info here:


I sent the form

I’ll see what happens

Sent mine this morning. No response as of yet.

I received this e-mail

but still the problem persists

What kind of joke is this?

I can login on my wallet but I can’t link my wallet.

I do not understand anything…


Facing same problem… Received mail about verification but didn’t get anything on uphold or browser…

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Today I update my Android Brave Beta (I already installed in Android Beta-Nightly-Stable versions) and now look different the rewards section.

And say that only 2 BAT enough to link my uphold account.

But, I try to connect to uphold, then open Uphold app and say that something is wrong.

Uninstall Uphold app to try login on web and say that I reach the devices limit.

Please help me. I need to link my 3 Brave versions.

You must have not filled out the form properly. If you currently have a device that is linked that you want to keep linked, you need to put that wallet info in the form. They will then unlink one of the other devices. I followed the instructions and a few days later, I was able to link another device. They can currently unlink 1 device per request. When you try and link a new device after that, make sure you are following all of the steps on the device you want to link. Turn off vpn and brave shields too.

I tried again.
I sent the form with the only “Custodian Member ID” that I have currently linked, so that they can delete the other 3.

I will wait a few days to see the results.


how can I disable the shields?
I already disabled all this options but the shields are still on…

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