Brave Rewards and Brave Crypto Wallet (Depreciated). Recover Brave Rewards

I primarily used Brave on my cellphone for several months. I finally reached 15 BAT on my phone’s Brave rewards (after this month’s payout). Yesterday, my phone broke and it needed factory reset… :’(

When I set everything up, it was using Brave’s depreciated Crypto Wallet. I have all my recovery phase, password, etc. After updating my settings to use Brave Crypto Wallet, I logged in today, my balance is showing 0 BAT.

Few questions:

  • Where did the ~15 BAT go?
  • What was the point of setting up seed phrase/Crypto Wallet if Brave payout Rewards don’t go there? The setup process gave the impression that it worked like this.
  • Shouldn’t the Brave Rewards be paid out to the Crypto Wallet automatically? (otherwise, shouldn’t be called it a payout…nothing actually got paid out).
  • How can I get the rewards I earned to show up in this wallet? Or, are these just lost forever?

After thoughts
→ Brave/BAT is an awesome idea; however, it’s implementation is overly confusing. It doesn’t have to be this way.

  • So many different Brave native wallet types due to changes, then there’s uphold/gemini and wallet verify, etc. Each have their own keys and separate screens/settings.
  • Brave Rewards are somehow separate from the wallet Brave asked users to create during setup (not intuitive, I followed all directions, should be recoverable).
  • Brave Rewards don’t seem to have a good (or easy to use) backup. I hope I’m wrong and someone can share w/ me how.
  • Cannot Sync rewards across multiple devices. This is way way more important to users than syncing bookmarks… this is why most of us switched to Brave…
  • KYC defeats the purpose of anonymous. Let DEX side handle capital gains tax by user’s country. Otherwise, may as well just use email address(etc.) as wallet id…

Hope for future development
→ Would love to see this simplify and streamline. After hours of Googling, it’s become clear that most of this complexity probably isn’t needed… just making Brave rewards automatically push to a wallet (that users have to verify on Browser install) would significantly reduce support costs and negate the need for a majority of threads on this community page.

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