Android Brave wallet- Backup, Earned and Unearned Rewards from Ads

Hi, I am new to this, so pardon my naive confusion.
As I understand it, Brave has stopped wallet backup and recovery which used to backup unearned wallet BATs.
So suppose I am yet to reach 25 BATs on android Brave and I have to uninstall Brave for any reason, is there any way to backup earned and/or unearned BATs? If not, can I at least tip some creator the earned BATs so it doesn’t go to waste?

As of now (April, 2021), could someone share ways to backup brave wallet earned and unearned (yet to credit in the wallet) BATs?
Brave is talking that they are working to sync wallets across all devices. Any idea about ETA for that feature?


I also would like to know this. I had to factory reset my phone and had that moment 13.5 BAT. In case I have to re-install I will lose them again. The 25 BAT threshold to verify on Android is way to high. On my desktop Brave I could verify my wallet with Uphold right after installing Brave.



I have Brave on several devices and the 25BAT threshold makes is just a marketing scheme.

Due to the increased price of BAT, did the developers think of lowering the threshold?

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I agree with you. There needs to be an option…With current BAT rate,it would take atleast 5- 6 months to reach 25 BAT.

This doesn’t seem like a complex feature.

Can we request a new feature and vote for it ?

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So I have read everywhere and there is no option to sync <25 bats from a mobile wallet. The best option is you can tip some creator on Reddit, youtube, GitHub etc. if you’re going to uninstall brave anyway for some reason. Don’t tip yourself as there are many cases of BATs not showing up on your uphold account and removed from brave wallet. Brave has total authority here and they don’t like self-tipping.
In PC, you can verify your wallet and everything would be credited in uphold account even if it’s <25 BATs. Although there is a limit on the number of accounts: four. If you uninstall and install again, that’d be two.

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