April - May 2021 no payout. BAT lost after verifying wallet

I did not get a payout for last month. It originally showed as paying out in June but then just reset.

When I was able to verify my wallet 2+ months ago some BAT tokens disappeared.

I have updated my previous DM to you with my account’s information @steeven

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I am having the same issue, and BAT not counting in the rewards amongst others. Managed to verify brave rewards again, but of course the 2 bat I had before is gone, and I lost 1 bat before on a reinstall, this is ridiculous that every time we reinstall or reset we lose BAT, the text backup was the best way, uphold just does not work to get back that which is lost!

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It’s not Uphold’s problem.

If your BAT is missing, either

  1. Brave the Browser is not correctly registering your pending BAT quantity but your BAT is still recorded on your PC,
  2. Brave the Browser has glitched and lost the record of your BAT,
  3. Brave the Company has initiated a BAT transfer away from your Uphold Brave wallet.

If it’s items 1 or 2, it’s not Uphold’s fault, but Brave’s issue with BAT tracking. If it’s item 3, it’s not Upholds’ fault, because while the wallet is stored in Uphold, Brave has permission to transfer funds out of Uphold on your behalf, and Brave is responsible for any fund transfers out of Uphold. For e.g. if my BAT was stored in my Uphold BAT wallet (instead of the Uphold Brave wallet), it is safe. Likewise, my ETH, BTC in Uphold ETH and Uphold BTC wallets are fine and wouldn’t be lost.

Brave recently had many issues with tracking the BAT quantity (see forums), but they are probably working on it. Probably.

It seems like for me it is a Brave issue and not an uphold issue. Brave never sent the BAT to my Uphold account.

@steeven responded once but nothing else since. The response I did get left me more confused though. No clear intent with a way to help me, no instructions, nothing. Just a question that even if I did know the answer to, I would not be able to fix it from my end.

To be fair it seems like many other people are running into similar issues so could be long wait times.


Agreed, lost 3 bat this month, and there is no way to get it back or get an answer, it is ridiculous that one cannot do a clean os install without risking losing their bat. The old text file recovery way worked much better imho.

I have had the same issue; for both the desktop and mobile version. I connected and verified both. BAT was accruing for the first month did not send, but continued to accrue. Then, the total amount went down to almost zero, now there are no account rewards showing up at all. Pretty frustrating that there are so many problems with this if the user rewards are supposed to be one of the main features. ESPECIALLY if Brave is continuing to collect their advertising profits but the user percentages just happen to be “disappearing”…


It has me to the point I am afraid to do a clean install, after the old recovery method of the text key is gone, it seems logging into uphold and verifying brave rewards no longer pulls the BAT back. This all needs to be explained clearer, and with a “Ads Test” feature. A lot of guesswork and what ifs at present, imho.

I am still waiting for a response from @steeven but since then the Brave browser experience became worse. Before I explain has anyone in support shared a link to submit a support ticket?

  • I just noticed that all the ads no longer generate any BAT rewards. I am stuck at the same amount of BAT since sending @steeven that message.
  • Ads no longer show up on my other device. I use Brave on another device and it has not seen an ad pop up since sending out that message.

The only problem I am not sharing with the majority of the community is Brave withdrawing the funds without my permission. I moving the BAT out of there right now just because it seems that problem will be happening to more people very soon

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Same issue here, but with an unverified wallet.

I have BAT missing since March, and since then nobody has helped me. Every time someone from the support offered me help, I sent them the Brave browser wallet info, and then I never receive any response.

Shameful. If I won’t get my BAT again on 6th of June, I am turning off the Brave Rewards completely.

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