My BAT vanished...?

I’ve been using Brave for a couple months now on macOS and Android. I synced Brave across both of my macOS devices and my Android. I was grateful to start seeing privacy preserving ads on Android starting this summer and started earning BAT.

Today my macOS client said it failed to update and I needed to reinstall Brave. I did so, only to find that Rewards were reset and in attempting to view my current BAT and settings, it seems the browser initiated a new Rewards wallet.

Is my previous wallet lost? I still have the user ID, Persona ID, and Payment ID from the initial setup.

A possibly related note: I hadn’t setup an Uphold account before today, when I first noticed mention of it. I’ve set one up now, but I’m wondering if there was an automated attempt to push BAT to an Uphold Wallet when I hadn’t set one up.

Any guidance is appreciated.

My Android Brave Rewards shows 0.0 BAT, 0.00 USD, as did my recently updated macOS version.

I went to my secondary macOS device, opened chrome://rewards/ and copied out the recovery key which I pasted onto my primary device. Initially, it appeared as though an empty wallet was initialized, but my balance showed up on my primary macOS after a delay.

My Android Brave still shows 0.0 BAT in my balance, and 2.3 BAT pending. I do not see an option in Android to restore or backup with key…am I missing it? I only can enable/disable ads and change the number of ads per hour; enable/disable Auto-contribute; view Tips.

So, I assumed it’s now “solved”, @stampedeo?

  • First, Brave Sync is only sync your bookmarks across devices. Wallet sync is not yet available.

  • Then, make sure you have a recovery keys for your wallet. And please note, that recovery keys is not for “use same wallet on many devices”.

  • Brave Rewards for Android is still in development so many features ia still missing – compared to desktop version.

Yes, I think this is ‘solved’ @eljuno

Meaning I may have simply not understood what is synced across devices. I should spend more time reading here to understand the current state and expected development for the mobile platforms.

Thank you

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