Brave rewards after moving PC

I have set up Brave rewards a while ago, and haven’t touched them since. I had several dozen/hundred BAT I think. In the past, when I changed my main PC (it happened twice) I was able to restore my BAT balance via a recovery phrase that I had set up - at least that’s how I remeber it, but it was several years ago.

Now this time, on the new PC, I don’t see the restore option and my BAT balance is zero. Also there is an option to verify and connect BAT to an external wallet, I am assuming it’s to avoid linking it with the local hard drive only?

So I am assuming my BAT is gone?
Question #2 - since Brave has it’s own wallet, why not automatically store the BAT in the Brave wallet, that seems like a no brainer?

It’s all a bit confusing (and I’m not a boomer, maybe just slow) and being a Brave user since its early days I feel a bit disappointed to lose all my long-earned BAT :frowning:

That went away in like 2019/2020 I think. Might have been later, but been gone for quite a while now.

Correct. The only way to secure your BAT was to have it verified with a custodial partner. Otherwise it was just vBAT stored on your device. It wasn’t something that could be synced or anything.

If you’re referencing to connect to Uphold or so, this has always been required if you wanted to access BAT. Otherwise it just saved as vBAT on your device that you ONLY were able to tip Creators with.

vBAT would be in your \brave-browser folder. So if you had that on your old device, you can do a backup and move it over, perhaps. But that’s just a workaround provided by devs and isn’t anything official. You can read more about that in Option 2 over at PSA: Current FAQ - #34 by Saoiray

To answer this, some of what you kind of hinted at in prior sentences, and other questions that tend to also be asked…you may want to visit the links below:

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