Lost all my BAT after PC Format

I had to format my pc and i had my Brave account synced with other devices, so i thought that’s all i needed. After formating, i installed brave, synced the accounts but my rewards were at 0…

I had around 20 BAT, wich means i couldnt withdraw to the UpHold account. Is it possible to recover? I know it’s just 20 but still, i was so close and now it’s all gone. Hope it can be recovered. Thank you!


Inside C:\Users/{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware is where Brave stores this data locally.

Perhaps it’s time to consider making backups in the future.

Remember, backups are your friend. Keep backups local on a usb-drive in a safe place. DON’T UPLOAD IT TO A CLOUD.

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    Perhaps @Mattches can help you get it back, however. I am not an employee here. Just a friendly bystander.

Hopefully this assisted you.



That sync function only syncs bookmarks , history and other stuff. Rewards data cant be backed up without an uphold account. The seed phrase backup feature has been removed for some unknown reason too.


@divyansh101dabral is correct here (so is @AsAboveSoBelow, but about something else). Brave Sync does not sync Rewards data – unfortunately if you reformatted your PC without backing up anything and/or verifying your browser wallet then there’s not much I can do. Similar to if you only wrote your password down on a piece of paper and that paper then gets thrown away.


I thought that since it was synced i would be able to resync and get the bat back… 3 months down the drain, thx tho. Lesson learned