Brave reward wallet not supported for our region

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For France, its came back with new update from Brave. I hope for you too

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Same problem here from France, everything work normally since the beginning of my use Brave and Uphold Europe and now my country and more supported?! But what a joke!

Where have you been hiding? France was added again.

I mean, all depends on where you’re at. You mention Uphold Europe and all. If there’s a mismatch of documents, you might still have an issue. Such as if you used to live elsewhere and moved to France, but never updated documents with Uphold so you can have KYC/AML showing France. Otherwise if your initial documents have you in a region that’s limited, it doesn’t matter if you’re now in France, Uphold reports that you’re only verified in the prior country.

I have the same issue.
Why is Uruguay no longer in the list of supported countries?

I don’t think its gotta do anything with the password change. As of now India isn’t on the list of supported countries for brave rewards verification. Brave is trying to bring back unsupported counties back ASAP, especially Brazil and India. It could be weeks or perhaps even months till everything is sorted, so just be patient as there’s nothing we can do to improve this situation.
This is where I read it →

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Hello, is there a chance to check the amount or tokens a browser should receive? I live in germany and had an verified uphold account. now i dont receive tokes in uphold anymore - ok. But i also dont receive tokens to my browser wallet! I see i collect tokens but where they are now stored?

Can someone help ?

They get stored on your Brave’s Local files. So don’t delete / reinstall Brave. Also don’t do anything that might clear all data for Brave like Formatting your device or anything, in order to keep your BATs intact.

I have the same issue, and I’m in NY, anything we can do to fix this?

Hey, You’re in New York which means the US. It’s a supported region.
Are you sure you’ve completed your KYC/AML process? Did you move to the US and made a Uphold/Gemini account prior to moving to US, which effectively means you did your KYC/AML from other country. If so then update your documents on Uphold/Gemini.

If you’ve been residing in the US the whole time then raise a ticket with Brave so that they can look into this further. Giving the link below →

Good morning, thats not the awnser i was looking for.
I wanne get more in detail to ensure, that nobody hacked my brave browser and fish my rewards.
What file exactly?
Where i can see my browsers wallet/ reward id?
Where i can explore blocks and transactions made to this id? ethscan?

I just update my browser but don´t deinstall and the rewards remain still 0.
I try to figure out why.

Regards from germany

Umm Was your Uphold/Gemini account connected to your browser like ever?

It is given on page below →

Go to →
Paste the above in search bar

there you’ll see rewards payment id

It was in the past, but now its status unverified.
And when i try to connect it becomes unsupported country…
But in the past i got also 2 mails from uphold, that rewards where donated.
1 from my smartphone, 1 from my comupter.
Smartphone still works fine - as its homelocation is a supported country.
But since May only get 1 email from uphold (from my smartphone).
And now i try to figure out where my rewards from my computer are.
Because the balance is still 0.

Regards Daniel

Germany is a unsupported country for rewards verification at this moment. You can get updates from the PSA →

That could be because Uphold was connected back then and was in the back end for wallet connection but now since it has been disconnected you are seeing your Brave Browser rewards wallet balance instead of your Uphold account.

I am not sure about understanding you, here.

Ok, now i see my ID since August 2020 its same. Where i can see now transactions from/ to this ID?

Could you be more specific?

Yes, the browser wallet id is same throughout the time you have brave installed.

My intention was not to spam this feed. So hope its ok, otherwise we can switch to personal msgs or discord or idk whats best.

So when my browser can display my rewards, as it was connected to uphold i the past, how i can check the amount then?

sure discord works for me.

@Saoiray @Aman_M @SaltyBanana could you guys help @daniel67

@Daniel67 You can see the rewards you earned at brave://rewards/ or by clicking the BAT triangle on the right side of the URL bar. “Your balance” is the amount you hold and “Estimated Earnings” come next month during payouts. Since you’re disconnected from Uphold, this says it well-

You can check your past earnings here- And of prior to that here- brave://rewards-internals/ > Promotions

To prevent this, you will have to make sure that Auto-Contribute on brave://rewards/ is toggled-off in all of your devices linked to Uphold. And you can check your contribution history here- brave://rewards-internals/ > Contributions.

Lastly, since you are disconnected from Uphold due to regional restrictions, you should be getting a claim button each month. If you earn some each month but don’t get a claim button, you should raise a support ticket here-