Region not supported on India

While trying to link my uphold account to my brave mobile browser it says region not supported but in my region uphold supports though it says region not supported i even had completed my kyc in uphold account they accepted it but why brave isn’t supporting is there any thing other than that how to unlink brave browser from uphold account in between is there any section to unlink brave from uphold


Uphold is the only option to withdraw in India. I am facing the same issue. I will be happy to know when it will be fix so that I can withdraw my earnings.


no there is no particular reason for not supporting its just some glitches from last 2 months even i have my 12 bats stucked


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Please be advised of the recent region restrictions with connected a custodial provider with Brave Rewards -

Time to uninstall Brave

Tata bye bye khatam gaya :slightly_smiling_face:


No way!, India was there a few days ago! I got my last months BAT reward!, come on! :frowning:


3 days ago it was listed that uphold support in India is temporarily unavailable and we are working to recover uphold support in India. Now, Brave finally removed it from the list and now there is list of only 19 countries. Is there anything else(another method) will come to withdraw earnings in India? Please Brave post something so that we can relax that we can withdraw our earnings using current or any other method.

yes there is a way .


What way? Please tell!

No, they just listed which countries are currently able to connect to Uphold and Gemini. As India is temporarily unavailable, this means India is not going to be on the list. Once they get things sorted out and able to add India again, they will.

They emphasized recently how India and France are among their top priorities to get connected again. Whereas countries like Philippines and Vietnam may yet be a while.

Keep in mind there is a difference between supported region for Brave Ads and supported region for custodial wallets

India and others are still able to participate in Brave Rewards. You just are unable to withdraw them for the time being, until things get sorted out.

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And for those of you in India, you should be aware of your own country causing issues and changing things.


Any idea when the support will be available in India. Is there a chance or not?

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No timeline is known.

Absolutely. India and France are the top two priorities in terms of establishing countries again.

Can you understand English when spoken? If so, check out

In particular listen to the first like 10 minutes and the last 15 minutes or so. .

I can help u. Text me on whatsp +919511570268

@Saoiray ,
I assume till the issue is resolved, brave users in India will keep browsing and earning BATs as they did earlier. But, if by the next payment date on 8th August 2022, the problem is not resolved, will you still deposit the earned BATs in the respective verified Uphold/Gemini accounts of the users ? Uphold mailed me that we can then transfer from Uphold to other crypto custodian accounts and then withdraw the amount.

It won’t be sent to your verified wallet, it’ll just accumulate on your device, those BATs will be lost if you uninstall brave or lose your phone…factory reset it…etc. etc. You can still use the funds you already have in Uphold, you can withdraw it anytime, the only thing that’s temporarily down is the thing where you receive BAT directly in your Uphold/Gemini custodial accounts


Even i have made gemini account and it is availaible in india and its says that region not supported .
now it does for both the uphold and gemini . i guess brave is not letting india to get a supported in region .

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That’s 100% correct. It is temporary in the grand scheme of things, but looking at a 2-3 months of not being able to connect to Uphold or Gemini.

Btw, go check out PSA: Unsupported Region