Region not supported error for uphold account

So yesterday i see that my Brave is disconnected with “Uphold”, so i try connecting it, then it show the region is not supported, how come this happen i have been using Brave from more that 4 months i have withdrawn 3 time in this time i never got any such error before then how come this show (region not supported) i think @brave should look into this, i even tried asking help on twitter but i got no reply,


In what region / nation, are you located?

Click the Get Geo Location Data button, at:

IF India:

@289wk It’s around 1 month a month for the above post, the problem is still not fixed, how long will it take and what if the problem may not get fixed then whatever BAT we have earned how will we get that @289wk


Re When will things change?

There seems to be much uncertainty about The When of It . . .

The answer(s) that you seek, will probably be found, by occasionally searching:

Assuming that your region is India - you did not respond with anything that indicates your region.

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