[Uphold] Region is not supported - Germany

I just wanted to verify my brave wallet with uphold and now I always get the message that my region is not supported. I am from Germany.

Do you want to say that all my rewards are gone? What is happening right now?


they restricted Germany and many other countries again. No exact explanation why. It was anounced here in this forum on July 12th.
You would be affected as soon as you disconnect and have to reconnect to your uphold account again or try to verify for the first time.

I was surprised about the new restriction as well. I wish they would at least be more transparent about the WHY.

I understand that you can still collect your vBAT within the Brave Browser, but you can’t send it somewhere else. Just hodl and pray that your browser does not crash its internal wallet :slight_smile:

Who knows when whe get into the list of accepted countries again.

very sad - makes the whole thing useless :frowning:

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Yes, super sad. Why is Germany restricted? It’s one of the crypto tax heaven!

Just use any other browser. Or keep using brave. I do well with opera GX since I was forcefully disconnected from uphold on all my devices.
It is highly unlikely that we will get support for rewards back in forseeable future.
Uphold didn’t manage to work with Germany for 2 years now. And nothing about it will change any time soon.
Brave rewards is dead for Germany…

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